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Harriet Tubman Charter School

Cleveland Person

3565 Third Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456

Phone: (718) 537-9912

The Harriet Tubman Charter School, co-founded in the Bronx in 2000 by NYMLK and the African American Legal Defense and Education Fund, was the first charter awarded by the New York State Board of Regents.

The Harriet Tubman Charter School is committed to helping each child develop to his / her fullest potential by recognizing that all human beings are endowed with unique talents and gifts and that the process of schooling should lead each student to the realization, development and expression of his/her potential. 

It is designed to help students develop the skills to become leaders who read, think, write and communicate at high levels, and presents an environment that is challenging and rewarding for the students.

Beginning with grades K – 3 and 133 students, the school has grown to K – 8 with an enrollment of 450 students.  Each year a new grade is added until reaching the 12th grade. This learning environment will be challenging and rewarding for the students.The school operates with a $6 million budget.

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